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Home Routes: Tanglecove on Tour  

Our third album was recorded during a house concert tour in 2015.  

That trip, organized by Home Routes/Chemin Chez Nous and supported by ViaRail, took us from Toronto to Winnipeg, on to Edmonton, then south through rural Alberta and into Saskatchewan. We recorded the shows and in April released a 17-tune CD of our

live performances on tour.  To order a copy, email us here.


FACING THE FLAME our Second recording


Every one of the thirteen songs in this collection is a gem, polished in the studio, with help from our fellow musicians Geoff Panting (accordion, organ), Mike Stevens (harmonica), Andrew McCarthy, Simon Miminis and Elliot Dicks (drums/percussion).   With up to 28 tracks to mix on some of these songs, we appreciate the patience and skill of studio engineer Geoff Panting, the help of Kevin Pinhorn who assisted us with mastering and the lovely artwork by Aurafidelite Arindam and design by Jessie Meyer.     To listen, just click below.  For song words, click on the CD cover ------->


Fiddle Tunes  are a great Canadian institution, shared by traditional musicians in every province from coast to coast and from the Great Lakes to the Yukon, Northwest Territories and Nunavut.


Even though the two of us grew up on different shores, we knew many of the same tunes and could play them together when we first met.   Tunes from across Canada, from the Southern States, Ireland, Scotland and England have merged to create a wonderful tradition that we share.


One appealing thing about fiddle tunes is their simple form.  Generally there is a first part that repeats, and a second that repeats.   Then you start again from the top.   These are often dance tunes, with a rhythm at the core that can suggest a melody, or inspire you to keep a strong beat moving.  And, as is often the case with simple forms, the very limitations of the form can inspire and challenge you to create something special in a small box.


So it is with these tunes.   They have come to us over the years.   We write them down, save them up, play them with our friends.   And suddenly here we are with enough new tunes to select the best (or what we thought were the best) for a collection that includes airs, marches, waltzes, jigs, reels and tunes that draw on the traditions of other cultures.   



HERE ARE SOME SAMPLE TUNES FROM OUR NEW BOOK  (click on the arrow               to hear each tune played: )





















































TANGLECOVE: 30 New Canadian Fiddle Tunes - Sheet Music with Recorded Tracks 


Please let us know if you perform or record any of our tunes!
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